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22 Colorful And Unique Photo Spots in New York City

We all dream to take that famous photo in front of the Empire State or The Statue of Liberty, but what if you spice things up and add a bit more color? Show off your trip to the Big Apple with some unique photos. NYC is grey enough, believe me, I lived there for 5 years... So here are my favorite spots to take photos at that scream COLOR!

1. Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream is an immersive experience around your favorite dessert: ice cream! The museum has around 8-10 rooms where you not only learn something about ice cream but you also taste some and get to shoot some unique photos! My personal favorite is the pink subway car and the rainbow tunnel. It also has a sprinkles pool, a 3-floor slide, and a café.

Entrance: $39 General Admission and $31.20 Students + Taxes and Fees


2. Albertine Books in French and English

This bookstore located on 5th Avenue sells books in English and French, so if you actually know french this is a must-visit for its books! But, if you are a mortal like me, you can still visit its second floor to admire this GORGEOUS astral ceiling. Make sure to bring your wide-angle lens!

Entrance: FREE


3. Follow That Dream Sign

If you have spent enough time on Instagram as I have, you probably remember this sign located in Tulum, Mexico. Well, it has a sister in Soho! It's located right in front of the Watches Of Switzerland Store, you get bonus points if you bring a friend!

Entrance: FREE


4. Marc Jacobs Pink Store in SoHo

Sadly, this store is permanently closed but the building is still there! Sorry, you cannot enter to buy a gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag, but at least you can find a cute pink wall. Plus, it's located across the street from the "Follow that Dream" sign mentioned before!

Entrance: FREE



If you are a big fan of cupcakes and colorful cakes, this place is for you! This famous bakery not only has the most delicious desserts, but it also has this rainbow mural inside! If this is not paradise, I don't know what it is...

Entrance: FREE but buying a dessert HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!


6. Juicy Lucy Juice Shop

This is probably the most colorful corner in the East Village. Plus, their coffee is delicious! Please if you decide to stop here, support this small business!

Entrance: FREE but buying a coffee or a beverage HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!


7. Floral Mural on Garbage Bin

I'm sure you've seen this one before. This garbage bin changes with the season, the street artist @surfaceofbeauty paints a different mural with the season, so depending of the time of the year you visit, you will find the flowers in different colors. This was taken November 2020.

Entrance: FREE


8. Brooklyn Bridge at sunset or sunrise

Did you ever visit NYC if you don't have a photo here? This place doesn't need explanation. I only suggest to be there at sunrise or sunset to capture those magical colors. You will not regret it.

Entrance: FREE

Location: You know where.

9. Times Square Lights at Night

Alright, I know I said unique places and this place might be one of the most popular in the world, but there's something int he Times Square lights that always make me feel amazed I got to be in the greatest city in the world. Definetely worth it no matter what everyone says.

Entrance: FREE as long as you avoid Mickey Mouse, the Naked Cowboy and the funny looking Hello Kitty.

Location: Do I even need to map this?

10. Sel Rrose Restaurant

This oyster restaurant is a must visit if you are into seafood, but if that's not you favorite, their pink doors are so aesthetically pleasing that you will need to get a quick shot here.

Entrance: A drink or a meal if you want to shoot inside, FREE if you shoot outside.


11. Freemans Restaurant Alley

This American restaurant is a NYC institution. If you manage to get a reservation, the pancakes and benedic eggs are so worth it! Hidden in the Freeman Alley, their pastel blue doors call for a photo opportunity. Also, the alley is full of street art that you definetely need to check out.

Entrance: FREE if shooting outside only, inside the cost of a meal or beverage.


12. Citizens of Gramercy Coffee Shop

This used to be my favorite local coffee shop. The coffee is amazing, the staff is so friendly and this neon sign "Stay gorgeous, Gramercy" is ADORABLE. A must visit if you are in Gramercy, but if you are not, they have other two Citizens in different neighborhoods in Manhattan: Citizens of Soho, Citizens of Bleecker, and Citizens of Chelse.

Entrance: A meal or a beverage.


13. Felix Roasting Co.

Are you obsessed with Bridgerton and all the renaissance vibes? Well, make sure to add this coffee shop in your list. Just look at these seats, so beautiful you might feel you are seating on a piece of art.

Entrance: A pastry or beverage. Arrive early.


14. Blank Slate Tea

Repeat after me, never enough pink coffee shops. This place is so girly that your boy will feel uncomfortable inside ( mine did, lol) but that means it's perfect for a brunch with your girlfriends. Plus, look at that rose latte, isn't too pretty to drink?

Entrance: A meal or beverage.


15. Serra By Birreria

This place never disappoints with their cocktails and seasonal rooftop decorations. Serra By Birreria is the rooftop bar located in Eataly in the Flatiron Distric. They change the decorations every season and every single time they nailed it. Especially during spring and fall. Must visit at least for a cocktail. Make sure to reserve ahead of time.

Entrance: A meal or beverage.


16. Central Park

Nothing more magical than Central Park in Spring or Fall. If you in NYC in late April or early November, please do your eyes a favor a dedicate a day to this iconic spot.

Entrance: Always FREE.

Location: I don't think I need to tell you where it is, right?

17. 28th St Subway Station

This is definetely the PRETTIEST subway station in New York City without a doubt. If you are gonna miss your train, please do it in this station. Worth your time.

Entrance: $2.75 MTA fee.


18. LROOM Cafe

Another colorful and cute café, are we surprised? This stylish, minimalist cafe offers colorful rose & fruit-shaped desserts plus coffee drinks. Also, their taro boba tea is DELICIOUS.

Entrance: A meal or beverage.


19. Color Factory

The name says it all. If you want a literal rainbow turned into a place, make sure to visit this immersive museum. The pit ball is so fun and they also give your a small gift or ice cream with your visit.

Entrance: $38


20. Coney Island

Despite what the locals will tell you, Coney Island is still an amazing summer spot in NYC. The vintage and retro fair vibes are immaculate. It always makes me feel nostalgic when I'm here and plus, it's so fun for a group of friends or a date day. Take a photo in front of the iconic Wonder Wheel. Just be patient with the people walking by. I suggest going early or on weekdays.

Entrance: FREE but if you want to ride one of the rides, you gotta buy a Luna Pass.

Location: 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

21. Tiny's Restaurant Bar

This tiny building must be one of my favorites in the West Village, not only the cocktails are amazing but the outside is so adorable.

Entrance: FREE if shooting outside, a drink if inside.


22. Mercer Street Books & Records

Last but not least, this picturesque and vintage book and records store in the East Village. I love coming here to buy second-hand books from their every large collection and why not take a photo outside. Just look at that neon sign! Very moody!

Entrance: FREE but buying a second-hand book highly encourage. Support small businesses.


That's all folks! Hope you enjoy this guide I've made for you, make sure to follow me on Instagram @thesandraduran for more photo spots in different cities.


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