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My Dallas Instagram Guide 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I recently went to Dallas for 2 nights with my friend @ashleyinthemidst and of course we had to take advantage of our very short trip and create some content. We stayed in the Deep Ellum neighborhood which is full of art murals, cute vintage shops, and cafés. We had a great time and with the help of my wonderful local friend @yeahnel1 we found some very cute spots. Here is what we found and some other we didn't have time to go, but definitely will keep in our list for the next time.

Art walls in Deep Ellum

We checked out this neighborhood the most since it was around 10 min walking from our Airbnb. So I highly recommend staying nearby since you have so many cute restaurants and bars just walking distance from you.

1. Triangles Multicolor Wall

I'm not what this place is, it was closed when we went but it looked like an art gallery. It in front of the Deep Ellum Candy Company.

Location: 2615 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

2. Pink Vintage Van from @PetalPushers

I believe this van is always parked outside because they use it for their business. When we went the store was closed so maybe that's why we had bigger chances to find it. I recommend going before opening times so you don't disturb the employes.

Location: 2649 Main St Ste. 150, Dallas, TX 75226

Flea Style (@fleastyle)

This place guys, THIS PLACE!!! It's just what boho, vintage Instagram vibes are made of. So many photo ops in the parking lot and it's just a beautiful vintage store where you should make a stop to get a little something from Dallas.

Location: 3009 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

4. Vintage and old looking doors. Located in the parking lot.

Note: parking lot opens at 10 AM

5. "Good things happen here" mural

I didn't take a photo here cause the time I went the light was very harsh. If you want this spot, I recommend going after 2 pm

6. The Most Beautiful Rainbow

Speechless with this mural. Just gorgeous. I want one for my house. I recommend getting here between 10-11 AM because that's when you get the best light and the rainbow is under the share. If you go later, the sun will be in front of it and you will get the trees shadows on the mural.

7. The American Flag Mural

If this is not the perfect "July 4th" photo spot, I don't know what it is... This is not so pretty but it will make you feel very proud of living in America.

Location: 2730 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

8. Sweet Daze Dessert Bar

This place is not only super cute, but also delicious. I had the lavender lemonade with the galaxy cheesecake on top and Ashley had a rainbow cake pop and a unicorn donut.

Location: 3356, 581 W Campbell Rd #127, Richardson, TX 75080

9. XOXO Dining Room

This place totally gave me all the Gossip Girl vibes. On normal times, it's a restaurant-bar but it was closed when we visited. We went around 4pm and the doors were closed. So definitely consider checking the opening time (if open) so you get the doors closed for you photo. I think the place is VERY cute inside as well, so if you have the chance to have dinner here, don't miss it.

Location: 3121 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75225

And well, that's it my friends! This is not my last time in Dallas! So I will definitely keep updating this when I collect more cute spots and murals. Stay tuned for more and let me know if I missed any spot so I can add it to my Dallas bucket list.

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