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Floral Monarch Butterly Wings DIY Tutorial

Did you know monarch butterflies are believed to be the souls of our ancestors in Mexico?

Monarch butterflies travel from Canada all the way to Mexico to hibernate. Their migration through Mexico coincides with November 2nd, Day of the Dead, which is the reason why we believe these beautiful creatures are our ancestors making a visit.

To celebrate this beautiful legend, I made these floral monarch butterfly wings with JOANN to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

These are all the supplies I used from JOANN with links:

Now, the fun part! Here's a full tutorial video:


  1. Create a pair of wings using two pieces of print paper. You are gonna need this as a guide.

  2. Before working on the actual wings, dye orange 3 bags of white petals following the instructions on the dye bottle.

  3. While the dye petals dry, it's the moment to work on the wings.

  4. First, shape the aluminum wire in the shape of the wings using your guide.

  5. Cut two pairs of wings out of the fabric.

  6. Using the glue gun, paste two pairs of fabric wings on the aluminum wings. One on the front and one at the back.

  7. Remove the stems from black flowers and paste the flower head all around the wings focusing on the edge. Front and back.

  8. Fold the white petals and paste them among the black flowers for the white details on the wings.

  9. Paste all the orange petals until you fill the gaps in the wings.

  10. Add extra orange flowers to create some dimension.

  11. Fold a long piece of aluminum wire three times and attach it to the back of the wings. This piece will go inside your top to create the illusion the wings are actually on your back. If you feel more comfortable with straps, you can add those as well.

  12. Move to a more appropriate butterfly habitat and have fun!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Make sure to follow my socials for more DIY ideas and costumes.


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