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Romantic Pink Christmas Wreath DIY

As you know, I LOVE ANYTHING PINK so this year I'm fully committed to go on full PINK CHRISTMAS MODE since I finally have my dream pink (secondary) living room AKA my seasonal room hehe.

My space definitely needs the perfect pink decorations. When looking for wreaths to hang on top of my fireplace, I couldn't find one that matched the vibe so I decided to make my very own Romantic Pink Christmas Wreath. If you love the princesscore, shabby chic and pfp aesthetic + Christmas, you are in the right tutorial...

First I went to my happy place, JOANN to buy my supplies. Here is everything you need with links:

1 Pink Holiday Berry Bush (pink sold out online but this in champagne would look nice too)



  1. Remove stems from the faux flowers and place the flower's heads on the white wreath to know where you would like to glue them.

  2. Make little bows with ribbons. A quick tutorial on how to make them is below.

3. Hang the mini ornaments on the wreath using the assigned holder. These don't need to be glued if you don't want to.

4. Once you are happy with how everything looks, hot glue them.

5. For the glass beads, close the open end of the thread by making a knot and hot glue them on the wreath. I used three strings of beads along the top part of the wreath as seen below.

6. Make a big regular bow with the tulle in the desired size. I didn't want mine to cover much of the beads so I made it medium size. Hang it on your most seasonal area at home (Santa's Little Helper optional) and done!!

I really love how it turned out and I think it truly brings the pink Christmas magic to my room!

Please tag my Instagram or Tiktok if you make it! I'd love to see your take on this! And special thanks to JOANN for sponsoring this post. Love you guys!

Happy Pink Holidays, everyone!


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