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How to avoid feeling burned out and pressured when growing on Instagram

Updated: May 27, 2020

Have you ever felt frustrated over Instagram growth and content creation? Have you ever felt sad when your concept idea does not come out the way you envisioned? Have you ever seen others grow so fast but are still stuck in the same numbers?

Well, you are not alone...

So 2 weeks ago, I was shooting content at home. I finished and I DID NOT like any of them. I got very frustrated. I opened Instagram to get inspired and instead, I started to compare my account with others... I started feeling sad over how fast others were growing, how creative they were, how good their cameras were, how bad my impressions were doing, etc.

I felt burned out. I cried. It sounds silly, but I did. “Am I really crying over Instagram?” I thought to myself.

That’s when I hit bottom. I need to do something to stop this. Instagram is a great platform but it can affect our mental health tremendously.

So here are few tips I’ve learned the last two weeks about how to avoid this frustration over Instagram growth or content creation or at least to deal with it a bit better.

1. Numbers are not everything

Sometimes I found myself refreshing my feed dozens of times a day checking for new followers. I found this is not healthy. Instead, I need to focus on the followers I have already. If I post some valuable information, and 2, 3, or 20 of you find it helpful, that’s what really matters to me. Impacting at least one person positively is still worth the hard work.

2. Quality over quantity

I used to feel the pressure of creating and posting every day. But that’s when I burned myself out and when Instagram stops being fun. Instead, I take my time on creating something I really think you might like even if I’m not posting every day. Breaks are so important for our mental health to refresh our ideas. So don't be afraid to lose some engagement rate because you can't post for a day. YOU and your wellbeing are more important.

3. Staying authentic to yourself and to your audience is more important

Recently I realized how easy it is to change your following count by only paying as less as $3. But I rather gain followers organically than having thousands who are fake and won’t engage. Brands can totally realize this and the followers too.

Quick and real story: Without saying names, there is this lifestyle and fashion account I follow. The person behind the account is a really nice person since we've met in person and I always support the content. A couple of weeks back, I noticed the account reached 10K since the account posted one of those "10k celebration post". I was genuinely happy for the account and I was amazed at how the account reached 10k from being on 7k few days back. I knew the following count because I was always going back to the account to make sure I didn't miss any posts and I could show my support. Anyway, I commented: "Congrats" and continued with my life. Few days passed, and I hadn't seen any new posts from this account, I went to check the account thinking I missed posts. The following count is down to 8k.

Weird you think. Well, I can totally realize those 4-3k followers were bought. The next day, the account is back to 10.6k.

I noticed this very easily, so brands can also too. You can buy followers as cheap as $3 per every 100 followers which can be very tempting and save a lot of time and effort but those fake followers will never like your posts or engage or buy something. It’s impossible an organic account has thousands of followers but only getting a few hundred likes and comments. Buying followers will not only damage your reputation if caught, but also will affect your engagement and stop deals and collaborations with brands.

Be authentic even if you find your numbers stuck. I promise you the hard work will pay off and growing your account will get easier.

4. Aware of Instagram following games

Sometimes we are desperate in growing that we turn to the Instagram growing games. Follow-Unfollow, Like tons of photos to gain attention hoping for a follow, etc. But people usually notice this and you will seem a bit desperate. I suggest following only follow (or follow-back) people you are interested in, comment photos from creators in your same niche that you truly love, and instead of being the one chasing, you will become the choice.

5. Don’t forget about your purpose in the app

When I hit bottom, I remembered the reason why I joined this app in the first place: I wanted to connect with people with the same interests, share my creations, and inspired others positively. Put aside the infamous algorithm and just be happy.

Since I started following these tips and not worrying about numbers that much. I've haven't felt burned at all. I hope you find these useful and just want to say THANK YOU for following along. I appreciate every single one of you and can’t thank you enough for all your support. I love you all! 🤍

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