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My 5 Favorite Ways to Style an Oversized Tee featuring SHEIN

With summer approaching, I've gone back to wear one of my favorite clothing pieces of all: Oversized Tee. They are just perfect for summer and they go well with so many outfits. In this post, I'll show my 5 favorite ways to style my current favorite oversized tee from SHEIN.

Thank you so much to Shein for sending me this oversized tee that I'm truly obsessed with! It's so soft, the butterflies pattern is very flattering and the color is such a pretty nude color. And the best of all, the SHEIN team was so generous they sent me this 15% off code to share with you!

Use thesandra15 to save 15% off the total order. Valid on the MEXICO, USA and CANADA site of SHEIN. Valid until June 30th.

Butterfly And Letter Graphic Oversized Tee

SEARCH ID: 1036995

Style 1: The Western

This is one of my favorites because, well, I live in the old west! I really like how it looks with any denim jacket but this fringe jacket adds those western vibes I love! I added one of my favorite hats and white booties. Also, wearing denim shorts under my tee, you know, just to be safe... Yee-Haw! 🤠 (Find links and prices below the image)

Style 2: The Sporty (without the gym)

This is probably the comfiest of all the styles! I love wearing this outfit for running errands. Oversized tees look so good with biker shorts which are a trend right now. Just add your favorite white sneakers and a cap or bucket hat and you're ready to look sporty without going to the gym lol.

Style 3: The boho chic

Inspired by the retro outfits and bohemian styles, I came up with this super easy but still fashionable way to wear your favorite oversized tee. Plus, I included the fanny pack to keep my essentials close to me all the time. Also, wearing the same denim shorts under it to avoid showing more than I should...

Style 4: The Rockstar

This is another style I really love and see myself wearing all the time! Great way to "rock" that oversized tee! Just tie any plaid shirt to your waist, denim shorts and combats boots. Super simple but still very cool! Love wearing this style for concerts, festivals or just a simple drinks session with my friends during the summer.

Style 5: The Geek Chic

This is another classic and super comfortable style. I personally love wearing this one at home or when running errands as well. The mom jeans are super comfy and transforming the oversized tee into a crop top makes the whole outfit look less baggy. All you need is a hairband to tie the front part of the shirt and fold it in. See the video below for instructions.

Now, here I've included a short video to show you how I model the different styles if you will and also to show you how I transformed the tee into a crop top. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and for watching the video. I hope this post is helpful and inspires you to rock your oversized tee this summer. Thank you again to SHEIN for sponsoring this post.

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