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Skincare tools that elevated my skincare routine

If you've followed my Instagram account for the last year, you might have noticed I'm very interested in skincare and self-care. I'm constantly trying new products and new skincare tools, and even though I still have to share with you my skincare routine (I promise, I'm working on it), I thought it would be nice to share my favorite tools that ELEVATED my skincare routine when using your favorite products.

1. Microneedle Derma Roller

The words "microneedle" might sound scary and painful BUT this tool is AMAZING for dry skin. I live in Arizona, where the weather is so drying in the mornings I wake up feeling my face super tight. I noticed even using the best moisturizer, I would feel the same in the morning until I try this microneedle derma roller. The titanium needles in this roller make microscopic wounds on my face that allow seems, face masks, and moisturizers to absorb 200% deeper into my skin. It's very painless, easy, and safe to use. It's recommended to be used 2-3 times per week and change the roller head every 30 days (4 replacement roller heads are included). Just don't forget to disinfect before and after every use with rubbing alcohol and you're ready to glow.

Click on the image to be redirected to the website.

Amazon $22.90

2. Facial Steamer

Have you ever boiled a pot of water and then place your face over it while holding a towel over your head? I have and this hack helps to open your pores so all the bad stuff comes out. It works but it can take very long and you might waste some water. Instead, This facial steamer has been game-changing in my routine. It not only requires 1 tbsp of water, but it also produces steam in less than 3 minutes. Basically like having a spa at home.

I have this set that includes a very cute headband and a blackhead remover kit which helps to remove blackheads from your pores after using the steamer. I recommend using the blackhead remover kit very carefully or only with expert help since you might damage your beautiful face.

Amazon $39.99

3. Microfiber headband

So the facial steamer comes with a headband but it's very thin and not that comfy, instead, I bought this microfiber one that is SUPER cute and helps a lot with keeping my baby hairs away from my face when I'm applying all the products. I can't do my skincare routine without it and the best thing is that it comes in a 2-pack! So you can always have a spare one when washing the dirty one.

Amazon $14.99

4. Reusable Makeup Pads

I posted these on my stories the other day because I was genuinely very impressed and pleased with the results after using these. Did you know that even after using a facial cleanser, there are still makeup or sunscreen particles left on our face? That's why it's recommender to use toner to remove them, but if you're only splashing toner on your face (like I used to do) it doesn't help much. Behind your favorite toner, I'm sure you can read apply with a "cotton pad" for the best result. And that's true, but "cotton pads" are single-use, they generate garbage (the main reason why I never used them) and sometimes they leave some cotton particles on the skin unless they are very high-quality. These reusable pads are just amazing for applying my toner, they're eco-friendly, they come in a laundry bag for easy washing and they are super soft.

Since I started using these, my sebum production around my nose and my lips have decreased a lot and I have fewer breakouts since I'm completely cleaning my face before applying other products.

These are a MUST-HAVE for any skincare junkie out there.

Amazon $11.99

5. AERO Advanced Skincare Infusion System

You, like me, probably have never seen anything like this before. But after trying it, I was blown away with the results. This tool is a trans-epidermal delivery system, and what's that? You may ask... well, according to certain studies, using this tool when applying creams, serums or moisturizers instead of our fingers is 7 times more effective to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration, skin tone, skin brightness and other signs of premature aging. Basically, by warming up to 107°F it helps the products to reach deeper layers of the skin and not to just lay on top of our skin and being wasted.

I use it every day during my morning and night routines especially when I'm using hydrating and anti-aging products. Just apply a small amount of serum, cream or moisturizer to the head. This will automatically turn on when it makes contact with your skin. Apply in circular motions around your face and neck. Once done, wipe the head and storage for the next time. Easy peasy.

Walmart $29

6. Last, but not least, a Silicone Face Mask Brush

This very simple brush helps to apply my face masks so much easier and with less mess than using my hands. Plus, it also helps as a spatula to collect the very last drop of the jars. So affordable and so useful.

Amazon $4.50

I really hope you find this post useful and helps to upgrade your skincare routine to the next level. I certainly have and I couldn't be happier with the result. Stay tuned for my skincare routine post FINALLY coming next week. It took me a bit of time to put it together since I really wanted to make sure the products I recommend work on my skin and give good results. So I'm happy to announce that I finally found my dream skincare routine.

Thank you for reading until the end and happy layering, my skincare junkies!

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