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Sephora Spring Sale Picks and Makeup Routine From a 4-years Rouge Member.

We all love Sephora, but to be honest, it can get a bit pricey. So every time I know there is a sale coming up, I get ready to re-stock some of my favorite products and try some new ones in my wishlist or "Loves List".

As most of all know, Sephora has only two sales in the year. If you're part of the Beauty Insider Program you get a certain discount:

This is my FOURTH year being Rouge. But I'm not sure if I should be proud since to get the Rouge status, I have to spend a minimum of $1K a year... yikes! It's funny because I definitely did not try to be Rouge ever, it just happened. This means that I either know a lot of makeup by now or I need more control with my credit card.

Anyway, these 4 years as Rouge Member I have purchased obviously thousands of dollars worth of makeup, skincare, and tools. But especially makeup. So today, I want to share with you my Makeup Picks from Sephora so you can take advantage of the sale, save some dollars and try products I know are great for yourself. Plus, I'll share one of my go-to makeup routines. My very first makeup routine video. Enjoy!

Favorite Makeup Routine Using Most of the Products Described Below

Now, what you were waiting for: the products, my reviews, and links.

Favorite Primer

First things first, Primer. I've tried several primers but this one always stands as the favorite. I have a bit of bumpy skin due to my hormonal acne, and this primer does a great work creating a silky canvas on my skin without clogging my pores. It's lightweight and basically it's like adding a blurring filter on your skin. It's a bit pricey for a primer, but I can promise you, it's worth every penny. Plus, it lasts a long time since a bit goes a long way.

Favorite Foundations

This is my total favorite foundation! I believe I'm on my third bottle and counting. It last old day, it's buildable, it provides a matte finish and it's the perfect match for my skin. I wore it once on a very HOT day and it lasted all day.

This is another favorite but a bit pricier than the previous one. But I truly love the dewy, luminous, and natural finish, plus, it lasts all day. If I needed to choose only one foundation for the rest of my life, it would be this one for sure. Although if you're looking for medium-full coverage, this might not be for you.

Favorite Concealer

I've talked about this concealer before and I just can't stop recommending it. When I first heard about this concealer through a video from the one and only Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian MUA, he said this concealer was very lightweight and it did not crease under the eyes. And you know what, he was right!! I'm absolutely in love with this concealer. A bit goes long way, it doesn't crease, and it provides enough coverage for those dark under eyes.

Favorite Setting Powders

Just like the previous product, I've recommended this before. This setting powder is a cult favorite in the makeup world and it is literally the only setting powder I use. A lightweight, easy-to-apply, translucent enough to cover any skin tone from fair to tan, sets makeup for up to 12 hours, it's not cakey, and does not create any flashback, so your selfies are safe with this!

I love this setting powder since it's in compact packaging, a little goes a long way. I have combo skin, and this pressed powder keeps my makeup stay a long time without drying me up. Best for traveling.

This product is my top-secret for glowy, dewy makeup look! So take note, my friend... Right after applying setting powder, you might notice the sheerness from the moisturizer is under all that powder, right? Well, by using a powder blush, I apply this all over my face. It works as a compact foundation powder but the color in it is minimal, that it looks that you are bringing all the glow you had previous the powder back to your face! It basically perfects the look of your skin with sheer coverage and gives skin a natural, soft, and radiant finish. A MUST!

Favorite Blush

This blush is a cult favorite for a reason! It is a gorgeous shade and goes with most skin tones. It has a peachy pink shimmer which gives a very natural effect on the skin. A MUST!

Favorite Bronzer

I have probably purchased this like three times. This is one of the only bronzers I can actually use without looking orange or like I have dirt on my face. It blends out super well and gives that sunkissed look. Another cult-favorite!

Favorite Highlighter

I first purchased this highlighter back in 2017 and after all these years, it's still my favorite. You can’t beat the look of this highlight. The color is so flattering on every skin tone, it is pretty long-lasting, it's so easy to apply and super pigmented so a little goes a long way! It goes great with no little to no makeup if you want a natural glowy look.

Favorite Eyeliner

This is by far my favorite eyeliner! It's so easy to use and lasts for so long. The point is so easy to work with. I never got another liquid eyeliner after using this. It honestly is so effortless and applies evenly. It's not hard to remove at the end of the day with makeup remover and doesn't stain at all. It’s my holy grail!

Favorite Eyebrow Pencil

Like the name says, goof-proof! This is the easiest to use eyebrow pencil I've ever used. It looks very natural and a bit goes a long way. My favorite part is that you receive more product (grams) than with other eyebrow pencils. Very recommended for beginners!

Favorite Mascara

I honestly first purchased this mascara because it's the same Lady Gaga uses, LOL. But, after starting using it, I couldn't ever stop. I've tried a lot of brands but I always reach out for this one. It gives my lashes that extra 'oomph', doesn't clump, and doesn't flake off during the day. Note: It does lengthen my lashes but it gives more volume than length.

Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

This is probably the only eyeshadow palette you will ever need. This one of the most amazing palettes I have come across. The eyeshadows are so buttery and so pigmented, no patchy shades, the glitters, and shimmers are beautiful and the mattes have no kickback. They blend like a dream and show up very well. This palette has shades so versatile it's perfect for day to night looks. A must-have!

Favorite Fake Eyelashes

These lashes are so full and pretty! They were easy to apply and really enhance your look. They are also very good quality so you are able to wear them multiple times. They look naturally long and they sit beautifully upon application. In love with them!

Favorite Lipsticks (Including, the best lipstick in the world)

These, in my opinion, ARE THE BEST LIPSTICK ON THE PLANET! Like, I don't know how to explain it but the feel on your lips is so unique. They slide like butter on your lips, you don't feel like you're wearing lipstick at all, they're not drying, which is a SUPER WIN for being matte and the packaging is gorgeous. I love Mother's (Pat McGrath) lipsticks so much that I probably have 10 of them already in lots of shades. My favorite shades are Flesh 3 , Obsessed! a bright orange-red, Elson a classic blue red (pictured), Full Panic a bright fuchsia, 1995 a warm light nude, Omi a mid-tone rose and Donatella a natural nude pink. I'm literally obsessed with them!

Even tho I love bold colors, I need a color that also goes with everything. The color in this lipstick is so wearable, the texture stays smooth and nice without smearing easily. Not long wear smudge-proof, but the way it feels is amazing. The packaging is also gorgeous and luxurious.

Last but not least, the lip balm I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! I honestly cannot stop saying great things about this little guy. It provides lots of moisture like the name says, butterstick since it literally feels like applying butter on your lips. It protects from sun damage with this SPF 30 and the color, THE COLOR, is so so beautiful that I can't believe is only a lip balm. Plus, the packaging is so cute and minimalistic. I highly recommend it!

Favorite Setting Spray

I’m loyal to this setting spray. I’m on my second bottle!! It just leaves my make up flawless, it really stays all nights and it gives that matte finish to your makeup since it’s controlling oil. I literally used it when I went to the Grand Canyon, I was under the sun all day, I walked the trail for like 2-3 hours and at the end of the day when I ended up in the gift shop, the girl at the counter said she like my makeup, I was surprised it was still on!!

If you're reading till the end, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you might find this helpful for your next trip to Sephora. Let me know on my social accounts if you purchased something and how you like it. Happy blending!

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