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What I'll be wearing this Spring 2020

Spring is almost here! Although, if you live in Arizona like me, you don't quite see the difference from winter to spring hehe... anyway, I'm excited to leave the light jacket behind and take my sunnies out every day! Here are some of my most recent purchases as well as some of my ultimate favorites I re-wear every year.

Recent Purchases

From the new additions to my hat collection to airy dresses, here are my most recent purchases that I'm sure I'll use all spring. If you follow me on IG, you might have seen some of these pieces on pictures already, so you can be sure I do love them!

Of course, I linked everything below for you. Get them while you can since we all know H&M goodies don't last too long...

Spring Favorites I re-wear every year

This one is a bit tough since some of my favorites are no longer available. But I did my best to find the ones that I consider timeless, I keep re-wearing and get re-stocked very often.

Of course, I linked everything below for you. I even found the Ruffle Hem Nude Dress is ON SALE, From $42.50 to only $18.99...

There you have it, those are my favorite pieces for this upcoming Spring 2020. You can be sure I totally love them and I might keep wearing them till it gets too hot in Arizona and I need to switch to bathing suits hehe.

Leave me any comments and questions about the items below!



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