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Nice to e-meet you!

I'm Sandra Duran and I was born and raised in Mexico. I'm a graduate from Applied Linguistics with an emphasis in Translation and Interpretation, so I'm passionate about languages, culture, and any type of art. When I first arrived in the US through an exchange program in NYC, I knew that was the place I always belonged.

Although, after five years in the concrete jungle, I just recently moved to the old wild west to follow the love of my life. Even though I'm no longer in the city of dreams, I'll always have a piece of the old NYC in my heart. My saying is:

"Stay bold, unique and fabulous like a New Yorker"

This blog is to share everything this transition between cities and countries has taught me, as well as, to share my love of adventure, beauty, and fashion with an exhilarating touch. And hopefully, I can inspire you also to create!

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